• Zero Trust Cybersecurity for Satellite Networks and Space Systems

    Powered by SDP architecture and Blockchain technology

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  • Enabling Ultra-Secure Communications over Commercial Satellite Networks

    End-to-end 4096-Bit RSA Encryption

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Space Armour

Securing the Final Frontier

Zero Trust Cybersecurity Mesh for Space Assets and Satellite Networks.

From communication and weather forecasting to navigation and disaster management, space systems have become indispensable in our daily lives. However, the rapid proliferation of technologies like cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made the space sector more interconnected than ever. While this connectivity provides unprecedented opportunities for innovation and collaboration, it also exposes space assets, including satellites and ground-based infrastructure, to an expanded range of cyber threats. Additionally, the interconnectedness of these systems, linking satellites, ground based systems, a host of user equipment and IoT devices, means that a vulnerability in one component can potentially compromise the entire system.

With threats growing in sophistication, traditional perimeter-based security models are increasingly falling short in protecting this distributed and complex landscape. A transformative approach to space security is needed.

Enter Space Armour’s Zero Trust Cybersecurity Mesh — empowered by Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture and private Blockchain technology. It delivers a comprehensive security solution for assets in space and on the ground.

The Space Armour Cybersecurity Mesh takes a layer-based structured approach that addresses both the hybrid and distributed nature of today’s space systems as well as the intricacies of digital interactions among the various components. It decentralizes the conventional security perimeters, transitioning from a single point of defense to unique security measures for every node - be it a device, application, or network segment. This structure drastically reduces unauthorized access potential. With SDP architecture, core systems are rendered invisible to potential threats. In conjunction, tailored agents, supported by private Blockchain technology, introduce an evolved digital identity and access control system for users and devices alike. By integrating a Zero Trust paradigm, no entity, whether internal or external, is given default trust. Micro-segmentation further ensures that if a segment is compromised, it remains isolated, preserving the integrity of the broader satellite network.

Blockchain-based Digital Identity

.. for users, connected devices and central servers/services


Locked down critical systems

.. with micro segmentation and fine-grain access control


Military-grade encryption

.. across space networks and ground systems


Immutable & tamper-proof logs

.. stored securely on the Blockchain for instant analysis


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Space Infra

Zero Trust cybersecurity mesh for today's interconnected space ecosystem.

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Ultra-secure enterprise and government networks over SatCom/5G.

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Industry 4.0

End-to-end Zero Trust security for space based Industry 4.0 networks.

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Securing modern Space ecosystems

By leveraging Zero Trust principles, SDP architecture, and private Blockchain technology, the Space Armour Cybersecurity Mesh represents a new frontier in the security of space systems.

How it all comes together

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